Anonymous: And what about Jen & Jack? They're my favorite friendship of the show!

Mine too! I loved their relationship since the beginning. Actually I think they’re the only true and honest friendship of the show.

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Anonymous: How did you feel about the Pacey and Tamara storyline?

I liked it, but I was in agreement with the change of storyline on the season 2. Always liked the Andie/Pacey love story even if I prefer Pacey with Joey ;D

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Anonymous: So who do you ship Dawson with?

I liked Dawson with Pacey’s sister Gretchen.
And even with Jen in the S5.
If I had to choose I personally prefer Dawson & Gretchen ;)

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Anonymous: how you make those gifs? Nice blog

With Adobe Photoshop, and thank you :D

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Anonymous: so do you ship pacey and joey or dawson and joey?

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Anonymous: I hope you don't mind me asking, but where did you get HD episodes of Dawson's Creek? Thanks! :)

Season 1 [x]
eason 2 [x]
eason 3 [x]
Season 4 [x]
Season 5&6 [x]

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Anonymous: i just wanted to send this ask to say thankyou for coming on this blog and making gifs so often! your gifs are great and so are you :)

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I know what I said. And I know how I said it, and it makes me sick to my stomach everytime I think about it. Blaming you for my insecurities and then making you feel guilty for all the things that you’ve accomplished when you should feel nothing but proud.

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“Dear Dawson…I’ve been thinking about what to say to you since I left your house yesterday. I thought about waiting for you to come to my door, saying this face to face, but I knew it would be too hard. I realize that, as much as I need to move on, you need to stay here. Your whole life is about to change in a way that will never be the same.

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