“I feel like I’m the designated loser, the fail, I feel like I’m stupid, worthless and I’m never right. But you know what I realize? That it’s not my fault. No one gives Pacey a break. Everybody exspects the absolute worst of Pacey.

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“I want you to know that it was a man named Gary Peters who killed your father. A guy who, for the rest of his life, will carry around the guilty of taking Mitch Leery away from his wife and 2 kids. And I want you to know that this guy is not you. It’s not you, Dawson. Don’t blame yourself for this. You wanna grieve? You go right ahead.

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michelle williams  in the broadway revival of ‘Cabaret’  (x)

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another meme i won’t finish [2/15 relationships]: Pacey & Joey

"This is about how you carried my bag off the bus yesterday. This is about how when we go to the movies and you go and you buy popcorn, you always make sure you bring back a napkin so I don’t wipe all the grease on my jeans. And this is about how just last week when we were at miniature golf you took all of the shots first so I would know the correct path. You taught me how to drive. And last year at prom you knew the bracelet I was wearing was my mom’s. You kissed me first, sweetheart. The second time, you counted to ten before doing it again just in case I wanted to stop you. You bought me a wall. We were alone on a boat for three months and you understood without a word why I wasn’t ready. Do you have to ask me now why I am? Pace, I’m gonna count to ten and then I’m going to start kissing you. If you don’t want me to, then you’re just gonna have to stop me. Ten, my love." 

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“I came to say goodbye to a part of myself that I’ve always struggled with.

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Ehy, my dear Creekers, I made my first video about Pacey & Joey!
Hope you guys like it :D

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